Through Shift.It, I produce monthly videos/webinars, therapeutic drama and creative arts based workshops, and individual coaching sessions for artists. We cover several areas of life including goals, feelings, achievement, success, and relationships to help clients rediscover their values, options, and reach out beyond their comfort zones.

As a coach, my primary role involves creating a thoughtful and creative process of inquiry, exploration, and self-discovery. Through the sharing of experiences and perspectives, the coaching process promotes sustainable behavioral change by highlighting a client’s unique skills, strengths and resources, helping them to transform their dreams into achievable value-based objectives.

Mental health wellness coaching is best described as a process of empowering self-exploration and self-learning, rebuilding trust and connection, understanding your own desires and overcoming internal emotional barriers.

This is an extremely useful attribute because it allows me as the coach to use emotions, in order to problem-solve, and help people to better understand their relationships.

Most importantly, a high emotional quotient helps me identify, understand and manage a whole range of emotions, to enable you to promote self-awareness.

I am an expert at promoting self-learning, self-discovery and self-exploration, with a view to helping my clients move forward to where they want to be.