Creative arts therapies enable us to become more informed, emotionally healthy, and grounded in our choices and beliefs.

My goal is to take you through small steps that can engage the healthiest parts of yourself and make space for a shift or many; in how you approach success, challenges, and emotional wellness.


Our Mission

Therapeutic drama heals. It creates mind shifts, while transforming your life. The expressive and creative arts therapies is an evidence based discipline that transforms our mindsets, shifts how we relate to our internal needs, and how we interact with others. You will be encouraged to take creative steps and emotionally therapeutic risks within a safe, supportive, and caring environment.  

Through the use of drama, and creative exploration we will delve further into your own goals, aspirations, and needs for future success.

You will see yourself gradually transform into becoming a more interconnected and adaptable artist who feels comfortable in their own skin, the value that they bring to others, attuned to their own self-awareness in new and creative ways. I help you to challenge the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living the life you truly want to live

“We can wholeheartedly treat people if we choose to help them through the art we use to heal ourselves.
For everything that makes us human exists in art itself.”
— Lindsey Sherwin

Who I Serve

Shift It works with young adult artists, adults, and those aligned with social and emotional growth, socially conscious approaches to healing, and transformative change

My workshops and online sessions are designed to inspire, elevate, and provide you with the tools to live a fuller healthier lifestyle and grow your confidence through building INNER Personal Power, emotional vulnerability, and resilience, in order to have the kind of relationships with others that you choose and deserve.


  • Embodied images using metaphor

  • Movement

  • Acting skills

  • Spoken Improvisational

  • Therapeutic Drama

  • Playback Theatre

  • Dramatic resonances

  • Poetry/Creative Writing/Ritual

  • Psychodrama & Sociodrama

  • Verbatim Theatre